Airest Expands Cargo Capabilities with the Introduction of the ATR72-500 Freighter

June 17, 2024

Tallinn, Estonia – 17 JUNE 2024 – Airest, one of the leading European players in the regional segment of air cargo transportation, is excited to announce the addition of the ATR72-500F, MSN 715, leased from Jetstream Aviation Capital(Miami, FL) in conjunction with Petrus Aviation, to its growing cargo fleet. This new aircraft represents a significant enhancement to our cargo operations, providing increased capacity, improved efficiency, and greater flexibility to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Specializing in scheduled, charter, and ACMI air cargo services on behalf of major industry players, Airest is dedicated to creating proactive and profitable solutions. The Airest team works closely with our partners to cover all risks and provide the best possible air cargo service.

In addition to operational benefits, the ATR72-500F also supports Airest’s commitment to environmental sustainability. This aircraft is designed to be more fuel-efficient on tonne-kilometer basis, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a greener aviation industry. By integrating more environmentally friendly aircraft into our fleet, Airest is taking significant steps towards minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable aviation practices.

“We are proud to introduce the ATR72-500F into our cargo fleet,” said Aleksei Lupitski, CEO of Airest. “This new aircraft is a great supplement to our cargo operations, enhancing our ability to serve our customers with greater capacity, efficiency and reliability.”

Stuart Klaskin, CEO of Jetstream, said “It is our great pleasure to expand Jetstream’s longstanding relationship with Airest with this ATR freighter. We have every confidence that it is an optimal regional cargo solution for Airest and its’ customers and appreciate the opportunity to participate in this next step in Airest’s evolution.”

The ATR72-500F will be deployed to serve one of Airest's core clients in Germany starting on the 17th of June 2024.

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