Our values

Our Commitment to Excellence in Every Journey

Airest is a close-knit crew of motivated aviation professionals who elevate their work experience by relying on natural team synergy, each other's international expertise and open communication. Only through effective cooperation can we defy the laws of gravity and soar through the sky, knowing our work gives wings to people and goods.

Each individual with their unique background and perspective brings diversity to the group, sparking inspiration and ideas.
This created a trustworthy team spirit that motivates us to give our best every day.

Our mission

A Reliable Chain in the Global Network


Specialized in air cargo and passenger ACMI we challenge ourselves to create proactive and profitable solutions. Our team works together with our partners to cover all the risks and provide the best possible air cargo service.


Our office is in Tallinn, Estonia. Our crew and air bases are located around the Europe. Thanks to our reliable networking, we are able to open a new Line Station very fast.


Our success relies on the quality and reliability of our staff. At Airest we work hard to be a dream environment for talented managers, pilots and technicians. To nurture the best expertise we provide internal training programmes.


Future-oriented and environmentally friendly, we work closely with pioneers of alternative fuels and modern aviation technologies to preserve the natural environment for our future generations to come.


Airest can deliver anything: hazmat / dangerous goods, outsized loads, live animals, fresh produce, temperature sensitive, etc. We are certified with AOC, Part 145, Part-CAMO.


Our aircraft provide operational efficiency and flexibility to cater to various markets and stage lengths. Let us find out what solution is most efficient for your need. You can contact us here.